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Facebook’s Instagram launched Snapchat with ‘face filters’ on iPhone


Facebook’s Instagram on Tuesday launched “face filters” for the iPhone, once again copying a signature feature of its main competition, Snapchat.
Like its counterpart, the Instagram feature projects animated visual effects around people on an image, in this case things such as crowns, koala ears, or floating math equations and “nerd” glasses.

Facebook’s Instagram launched Snapchat with ‘face filters’ on iPhone

The company noted that by tapping and holding on a color people can fill the frame, then use the eraser to selectively reveal parts of an image.
There are eight initial filters which work with both photos and video, and front and rear cameras.The option can be found by opening up the app ‘s camera and tapping a face icon in the bottom right.Facebook has been building a number of Snapchat features into its apps, most notably Stories , even using the same name.
While Snap hasn’t threatened any legal action, the issue has raised enough attention to draw criticism from people like model Miranda Kerr, the fiancee of Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.Snap has been upgrading in a bid to stay ahead, for instance adding “World Lenses” that position 3D objects in an environment.Other Instagram features added today include a “Rewind” effect for video, hashtag stickers that can be tapped for related content, and a new eraser brush when drawing over photos or video.


Apple will launch three iPhones this year

3 iPhone
iPhone 8, the iPhone 7s, and the iPhone 7s Plus.


referring to Most rumors say Apple will launch three iPhones this year, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7s, and the iPhone 7s Plus.
If the handset in the images above is the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus, then it’s totally fine.
After all, the iPhone 7s will be Apple’s next “boring” iPhone, won’t it?
One other possibility would be that we’re actually looking at renders of the iPhone 7s series.
The best proof that Apple is working on a special tenth anniversary iPhone is the fact that iPhone leaks and rumors aren’t always on the same page.


 new Echo Show
Phone users don’t really need Amazon’s new Echo Show

referring to Last week, Amazon unveiled its latest Echo product, the Echo Show.
Watch the video above to learn about how Apple can make an Echo Show competitor that iPhone users actually need.
But for iPhone users, the Echo Show seems unnecessary.
Here’s hoping that Apple’s rumored smart speaker will be more than just another touchscreen device we don’t really need.
Are there other reasons an iPhone users might want to buy an Echo Show?

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