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Positive and negative effects of Social networking sites

Social networking sites are a collection of techniques available on the Internet that people use for communication and interaction. This concept has recently been made to create a huge uproar. This concept means all the electronic means available in the 21st century. Some individuals use the concept of social media on widely, to describe the different types of cultural phenomena that involve communication, not only communication technologies, in many cases, for example, people used the term social media to talk about the content provided by users, both pAL Tapeh or publishing Owalmcharkh using means of electronic publishing, it is worth mentioning that the majority of forms of social networking sites are electronic, and give users the ability to communicate and interact with each other using computers, smart phones, Internet and other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pentrist

Types of Social networking sites

Social networking sites
Social networking sites

including social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, offer online ways to organize and manage interpersonal communication individually or in groups. Social networking usually gives pioneers the ability to form groups and give them the opportunity to communicate . There are also some ways to share video, such as YouTube, and some of them for sharing pictures such as Instegram and Flickr, in addition to the services provided by some means, such as teleconferencing, shopping, buying and selling remotely, and talking There is no indication that this is imminent. On the contrary, it is noticeable that these means take a wider and more widespread dimension. There are also many innovations and ideas that can arise from these sites, and Although there are some TB Beat these means, but we have to admit that it has a set of positives on the lives of many, in terms of facilitating communication despite the increasing distance between them and travel

The positive and negative effects of the means of social communication:

The use of social media has become an important part of our lives, and some of us can not do without, so should know the negative effects of this to avoid and the positive effects of this interaction and preservation.

The positive effects of social media:

positive effects
The The positive effects of social media

1) Social networking sites help businesses in different ways, the traditional marketing methods are bad through “radio, TV commercials or print ads”, and with the means of social communication businessmen can contact their customers and arrived to win for free, through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites

2) The popular people in social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook are websites that attract attention such as Internet users, authors of articles and creators

3) These social networking sites give an open opportunity to all writers and users

4) Social networking sites have removed all the barriers between communication and interaction, and now you can reach your understanding and thoughts on various topics. You can use the Internet to communicate with your activists to share your experiences and articles.

5) Another positive effect of social networking sites is the unity of people and the achievement of certain goals, and this is a very important point to convey positive change to society.

The negative effects of the means of social communication:

 negative effects
The negative effects of the means of social communication

1) One of the negative effects of the means or social networking sites that lead to addiction, as spending long hours on social networking sites shift focus and attention to a specific subject, and reduces the degree of motivation in people, especially adolescents and students.

2) Children are highly influenced by social networking sites, and the reason why people sometimes publish images on social networking sites contain violence or sex, which destroys the behavior of children and adolescents.

3) There is another negative impact of social networking sites, we find the user of these sites publishes a lot of information that may be a threat to them, even with the security system, your personal information can leak on the social networking sites from uploading videos or photos of your own and copy your personal cases, Something very easy happens with the click of a button

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