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Google start Google Assistant on the iPhone

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“Today, I’m excited to announce that Google Assistant is available for iPhone,” VP of Engineering Assistant Scott Huffman said.

It’s going to be hard to compete with the default option when you long-press on the home button, but maybe Google could bundle Google Assistant into the Gboard.
Google Assistant is considered a more powerful voice assistant when you compare it to the current version of Siri.
But that’s also about to change as Google Assistant is going to support French, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese pretty soon.
This is very nice (especially because you can text with it) pic.twitter.com/I35VtcmgXx — Federico Viticci (@viticci) May 17, 2017The company first introduced Google Assistant on the Pixel phone.

Google start Google Assistant on the iPhone

Google Assistant is great, but there’s still one function where Siri wins: You can’t simply say “Ok Google” to open it.
Google Assistant, Google’s take on Siri, just launched for the iPhone.
That may make it hard for Google to convert iPhone users over, even if it is better.
Assistant, as folks with Android phones already know, is much smarter than Siri.
Also, unlike Siri, you can even type in your queries, in case you don’t want to speak out in public.
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Google announced the Google Assistant is coming to iOS

as mentioned in At its I/O developer extravaganza this week, Google announced the Google Assistant is coming to iOS.
Virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant are only good when they’re nearby.
Hey Siri, Get ReadyFor Google Home users, or people with Android phones, having Assistant on iOS goes a long way.
Google Assistant is coming to iOS.
And for now, Google seems to hope you’ll use the Assistant app as a launching pad, starting there and letting it take you wherever you need to go.
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