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Android phone make faster update with Google’s Project Treble

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As per Android Police, side loading the Netflix app using the APK still works fine for rooted phones.
If you’re an Android user with a rooted phone — there’s bad news for you.
Rooting allows users to gain admin access to the phone’s operating system.
Netflix may no longer work on your rooted or unlocked device, due to an update to the app.
Netflix now fully relies on Google’s Widevine DRM, the company told Android Police.


Android phone make faster update with Google’s Project Treble

As it stated in Why it matters to you Android phones aren’t known for their quick updates, but Google’s Project Treble could change that.
Project Treble, which Google announced on Friday, is a re-engineered update framework that lets device manufacturers modify Android incrementally.
But thanks to Project Treble, it won’t be necessary for much longer.
In real-world terms, Project Treble means faster — and more frequent — updates to Android-based phones and tablets.
“Project Treble aims to do what CTS did for apps, for the Android OS framework.”Google gave Sony and Qualcomm as an example.
Google’s Project Treble

Many people who root or otherwise modify their phones are just interested in customization, and some of them may now have to decide between keeping their root access and watching Stranger Things.
Also, the Google Play listing appears tied to whether or not you’re cleared to run Android Pay, not Widevine itself.
While Netflix says its app “will no longer work” with modified Android devices, Android Police has verified that it still runs properly if you manage to install the app (such as by sideloading the APK), at least for now.
In theory, it’s a bit easier to strip the copy protection from the downloaded copy of a Netflix series than it is to rip the stream.
That can create problems — if you have a device with an unlocked bootloader, you might be denied easy access to Netflix even if you’re using untouched, secure firmware.


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