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Google I/O is now held annually

collected by :Lily Soly

The Shoreline Amphitheater, where Google I/O is now held annually, is next-door to Google headquarters and a wildlife reserve.

You can from Google I/O!
Google I/O isn’t all developer talks and coding sessions.
The Asus ZenFone AR was subtly on display inside the Daydream and Tango tent.
The ZenFone AR will be on sale at Verizon later this summer.

referring to
Google I/O 2017

We’re looking forwards to seeing Google Lens, but we’re also looking forwards to what Google Lens learns for the next thing.
At Google I/O 2017 we saw that Google Assistant is it’s own platform, and one that might be bigger than anything else Google has built.
It’s also branched out into Google Lens, Google Photos, Google Job Search and Tango and Google Play Protect and just about anywhere that a computer’s special blend of logic can work out how, why or where.
Google Assistant looks and feels like the natural successor to Google Now.
The things we buy that use it will come and go, but what we saw at Google I/O is the start of what’s next.


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