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Samsung working on a latest feature for its Gear VR headset

Dubbed Kids Mode, the feature – as its name suggests – is aimed at kids.
According to a new report, South Korean tech giant Samsung is working on a new feature for its Gear VR headset.
Sadly, nothing else is currently known about Kids Mode.
As of now, there’s no information on when the feature will be launched.
However, given the name and its target audience, it’d be safe to assume that the feature will allow parents to do things such as control the type of content their kids are consuming and for how long.


Samsung Gear VR Headset  was first announced in 2014

Gear VR Headset

Samsung Gear VR Headset  was first announced in 2014 and was subsequently released in 2015.
Kids Mode For Gear VR HeadsetThis won’t be the first time that Samsung would be developing a Kids Mode for one of its devices.
The Gear VR headset is compatible with the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6+ edge, and Galaxy Note 5.
“As per the information we’ve come across, Samsung is working to bring Kids Mode for the Gear VR,” the publication shared.
It is currently unclear what Samsung plans to achieve with the introduction of the Kids Mode in the Gear VR headset.


  Gear VR headset

The Samsung Gear VR is the single most popular virtual reality headset currently available — Samsung reportedly sold more Gear VR units than the next three competitors combined.
The news comes from Samsung blog SamMobile, which noted that Samsung could introduce a “kids mode” into its already-launched virtual reality offerings, most notably it Gear VR headset.
Samsung isn’t focused only on its hardware — it was recently announced that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would soon support Google Daydream, Google’s virtual reality offering.
Kids mode would also likely introduce parental controls to let parents set how long their kids can use the Gear VR, see what kind of content the kids have been accessing, and so on.
Kids have always been big customers of gaming platforms, and there’s plenty of virtual reality content that could be educational.

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