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iPhone SE is Most Popular Phone Not iPhone 7 or Galaxy

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But considering how popular the iPhone SE is, we fully expect Apple to make another small phone in the near future.
Rounding out the top 5 are the Galaxy S6 Edge (85) and Galaxy S7 (84).
After a poll of over 36,000 customers, the iPhone SE netted 87 points out of a possible 100, putting it just ahead of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ (86 points) and iPhone 7 Plus (86 points).
Despite its more powerful competition, it’s not hard to see why the iPhone SE came out on top.
It appears that Apple’s smallest, simplest iPhone is still its most popular.

iPhone SE is Most Popular Phone Not iPhone 7 or Galaxy

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While the tech world is eagerly anticipating the launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 8, new leaked photos reveal the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be the most exciting smartphone of 2017.
The dummy device also appears to bear a vertical dual camera setup, which has already been mentioned in previous rumours.
However, Know Your Mobile reports that the device could be released in the summer 2017, while the refurbished Galaxy Note 7R could be released as early as next month.
The leaked dummy device is pictured alongside a Galaxy S7 Edge for comparison, which shows the slightly larger sized Note 8 with a huge display.
The leaked photos, which are based on images of a dummy version of Galaxy Note 8, appear to show the new device will include a groundbreaking feature.

 iPhone SE
iPhone SE





fight between the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 6S

as informed in Don’t Miss : Somehow, everyone walked away from this massive Tesla crashYouTube channel Phone Buff pitted the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 6S against each other in a classic real-world speed test.
But a fight between the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 6S?
This year is no exception, as head-to-head tests have compared everything there is to compare on the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7.
The Galaxy S8 tended to be faster at opening small apps, while the iPhone had the edge with graphically-intensive apps.
That’s not surprising, but what ended up giving the iPhone 6S the edge was multi-tasking.
Speed test shows the Galaxy S8


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