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handset ran an early version of Windows Phone 8 but was never released

Featuring a front-facing physical QWERTY keyboard, the handset ran an early version of Windows Phone 8 but was never released.
As a result, the Nokia RX-100 became one of those unreleased phones that never got a chance to show the public what it could do.Check out images of the Nokia RX-100 by simply clicking on the slideshow below.source: MSPowerusers
Amid the excitement generated by the physical QWERTY keyboard on the BlackBerry KEYone , a leak has revealed that back in 2012, Nokia had a Windows Phone powered handset prepped for the business market.
The physical QWERTY was made up of 39 keys without a dedicated numbers row.
The unit was known as the Nokia RX-100, and photographs of the phone have been discovered on a website in China.

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Windows Phone 7 Nokia phone With Physical Keyboard Leaks Online

Windows Phone 7 Nokia Smartphone

Until that happens, we can feast our eyes on a canceled Windows Phone 7 handset that features a physical keyboard.
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There weren’t a lot of keyboard-toting Windows Phone 7 smartphones on the market after all.
The handset’s physical keyboard immediately stands out, it’s very similar to the keyboards on BlackBerry handsets.
It doesn’t have a name but is referred to as the Nokia RX-100.


Windows Phone 7

Source: Baidu Tieba via Windows Latest | Images: Windows Latest
It looks like it’s running a Developer Preview version of Windows Phone 7 – possibly what was to replace Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.
On the subject of Nokia’s Windows Phone stint, many things have surfaced, some of which after the Microsoft acquisition in 2014.
Although it doesn’t have an official name, the type is listed as “Nokia RX-100”, so we will refer to it that way.
According to Windows Latest, images leaked on Baidu Tieba – a communication platform offered by the Chinese search engine – reveal a 2012-era cancelled Nokia prototype.


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