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Apple’s iPhone could make Augmented reality tech more of a fact

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Augmented reality has slowly but surely gained moderate use and awareness, propelled by the emergence of Pokemon Go, Snapchat, HoloLens, start-up Magic Leap and Google’s Tango augmented reality platform.
(Photo: Kimberly White, Getty Images)SAN FRANCISCO — The reality is augmented reality is slowly seeping into everyday technology use by millions of Americans.
Related:There’s some expectation that the next version of iPhone, expected in September or October, could include augmented reality (AR), giving the technology a burst of momentum.
In the first quarter of this year, companies bought 34 companies in artificial intelligence, the key component in augmented reality.
(Photo: PIXABAY)Apple declined comment for this story, but its leader has made no secret of its interest in augmented reality — sometimes called distorted, or mixed reality.

Putting too much of that in iOS could be a mistake, but iOS needs more system-wide awareness along with suggestive smarts.
Fit more apps on-screen, improve split-screen modes and treat the iPad more like a Macbook alternative versus being just a large iPhone.
After polling my CNET colleagues, here are our best guesses… and what we want to see after iOS 10.
That will help the iPhone, the iPad and even AirPods.
On Monday, we’ll get our first look at iOS 11.
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Apple ‘s clash with Qualcomm could hurt iPhone 8 could hurt the iPhone 8 

Apple’s dispute with Qualcomm is related to the licensing fees Qualcomm charges for its patents.
According to a new report, Apple’s legal dispute with Qualcomm is going to have an effect on iPhone 8 components, and Apple might have to substitute some Qualcomm chips with Intel components.
Apple has been locked in a bitter dispute with Qualcomm, a major chip manufacturer that has historically supplied the wireless modems for the iPhone.
Qualcomm’s intellectual property is used inside every single iPhone — which Apple acknowledges — but Apple contends that Qualcomm charges unreasonably high patent fees.
The report says that 50% of the iPhone 8 modems could be supplied by Intel, with that number rising to 70% for the 2018 iPhone lineup.
 the iPhone 8


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