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Nokia 3310 phone come back in Finland & Nigeria

The first batch of the phone sold out on pre-orders at its launch day in Finland, following similar success in Britain.
The revamped Nokia 3310 phone.

Once the world’s dominant phonemaker, Nokia sold its handset operations to Microsoft in 2014, leaving it focusing on telecom network equipment.
HELSINKI (REUTERS) – The world’s most popular mobile from the year 2000 is back on sale in its home market, Finland.
“You probably get off your phone because nowadays we are a lot on our phone,” said student Oona Patomaki.

celebration of The Nokia 3310 phone come back 

 Nokia 3310

The group won Best Breakthrough Act at the Brits, but missed out on Best Pop Act to Five.
The Nokia 3310 first appeared in shops in September 2000 offering calls, texts and a battery that lasted days.
The PlayStation 2 came outThe best-selling console of all time, the Sony PS2, went on sale in November 2000 in the UK.
Willow Smith was bornBorn on the 31st October 2000, Willow is a singer and actress and is doing quite well for a 16-year-old.
The launch took place at King’s Cross station in London using a Hogwarts Express train filled with Harry Potter fans.


latest Nokia 3310  come back in Nigeria

Nokia 3310

as informed in While the original Nokia 3310 shipped with a 900mAh battery, the new Nokia 3310 ships with a bigger 1,200mAh power pack.
The new Nokia 3310 also comes with a 2.4-inch full colour display which is certainly a big improvement over the monochrome screen of the original Nokia 3310.
Unlike the old Nokia 3310, the new Nokia came with dual SIM slots and camera.
“We are delighted to bring the Nokia 3310 phone to our consumers in Nigeria.
The old reliable Nokia 3310 phone is now back in Nigeria as a modern reimagined handset that would speak for itself.


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