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why Samsung’s Bixby assistant is delayed again

as mentioned in Samsung’s highly anticipated digital assistant is delayed — again — according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal.
It’s not clear when the voice-activated feature will ship but The Wall Street Journal reported the assistant won’t ship “until at least late June.”
The assistant was made possible by Samsung’s acquisition of Viv Labs, a startup lead by the original creators of Siri.
SEE ALSO: Samsung’s Bixby delivers a scorching hot rap burn on Siri … if you know how to ask itThe voice-enabled assistant, which has been available in Korea since the smartphone shipped, is “struggling to comprehend English syntax and grammar,” according to the report.
The delay is a significant setback for the company, which has touted Bixby as one of the most significant features of its new flagship.


Samsung’s voice assistant is  still weeks away from america release

Samsung's Bixby voice

It looks like Samsung is going to miss its own deadline for launching Bixby’s voice features in the US.
After all, Samsung dedicated an entire button on the S8 to launching Bixby.
That means Bixby’s voice features will end up launching at the earliest sometime this summer — which starts June 21st — and after the “spring” target that Samsung gave in early April.
But with the assistant yet to launch, all the button does it pull up a Bixby app that aggregates info you might be interested in, much like Google Now.
The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that the voice portion of Bixby, Samsung’s new digital assistant, won’t be ready until at least late June and that the software is still struggling to reliably understand English.


Samsung’s elusive

according to While those two use cases launched with the device, the much-hyped voice assistant has remained elusive.
In many ways, the entire AI-powered Bixby assistant has still felt rushed.
Samsung has been pushing back the English-language release since it first announced that the voice assistant would not be launching alongside the S8 phone.
Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant was initially supposed to launch alongside the company’s Galaxy S8 smartphone, but after a series of delays the English-language version may not be reaching U.S. customers until late June, the WSJ reports.
Bixby is about more than voice, with text entry and camera-based computer vision modes of analysis, as well.

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