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8 best strategic games for the iPhone you need to know

If you love your iPhone and you love playing video games, then you have to wonder what are the best strategic games for the iPhone. The best strategic games for the iPhone often combine skills, intelligence, and some great graphics to create an experience you can not resist while queuing up somewhere, and in annoying family events, especially on the Metro! So here’s a list of the top 8 strategic games for the iPhone, which is the most beautiful game on the small screens.

8 best games for the iPhone you must have 

1-Hitman Go

Hitman Go
Hitman Go

The developers  Square Enix Montreal designed a “strategic version” table game designed for the iPhone and indeed it is great


  • Chess-like game. You take one step at a time, trying to avoid being detected, and then sneak out from behind people and kill them.
  •  Fantastic graphics and lighting effects give the link a strange effect already.
  •  Interactive environment. You can use the surrounding rocks and tennis balls to distract the guards while surreptitiously taking them.
  •  Each task has a puzzle-like structure and you have to complete the task in 10-15 turns. This adds a sense of urgency and complexity to the game.
  •  You can steal school uniforms and disguise guards who kill them.
    Square Enix Montreal designed a “strategic copy” table game designed for the iPhone and it’s really great! So it has a number of features that make it one of the best strategic games for iOS devices.

2- Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies

An interesting game that can accommodate elements of the castle and tower defense. You have to plant,; healthy plants, with special abilities that can be won on a flock of zombies zombies. If the zombies approached too they could eat plants and conquer the tower. You should avoid getting it. Here are the features that make it one of the best strategic games on iOS.


  •  Great cartoons-like graphics
  •  In hand and smooth, can perfecting the toys easily. This makes it perfect for players who do not play much games.
  • As enemy levels develop, so do your defense options. At this stage you have to choose the right plants to use, in order to best defend the tower. This involves reflection, reflection and strategic thinking. This also makes it perfect for seasoned players.
  • This game also has a lot of humor. For example, at one level where the zombie Michael Jackson, who along with a crowd of his, is engaged, is involved in the routine of improvised dance because of the “exciting” classic video.

3-Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution
Civilization Revolution

This game asks you to raise the level of your civilization by moving forward from the Stone Age to the age of corn. As such you need to be very patient, but are great for those who love deep strategic thinking
 Features :

  • Works of art and great graphics. The units, battlefield and maps all designed with great care have been drawn and look great in beauty as a result.
  •  There is great attention to detail in this game and allows you to focus on preserving your civilization through your research in various aspects such as culture, military strength, economy and technological growth.
  •  This will attract the majority of players who have an intellectual historical bent, as is basically the map drawn depicting how civilizations evolved through the ages. Only, in this case, you have only a hand to progress and play in this development.


4- Amoebattle


All events take place at the microbial level, where players must fight “bad microbes” or microbes and prevent them from destroying the microbial ecosystem. It is in a bit like the early stages of the famous computer games in this regard


  •  Totally innovative idea.
  •  Manage resources and help plant, animal or plant animals or meat animals by feeding them the right food.
  • By increasing your Ameba level you can develop your powers and your own power, which will help you take down enemies.
  •  Simple drag and drop tools make the game easier and smoother.
  •  Color graphics are interesting.

5-Battle Nations

Battle Nations
Battle Nations

In this game you can put soldiers and killing groups in their own positions and defeat the enemy soldiers. It’s one of the best strategic games for iOS because of the following features.

  •  The game includes both resource management and strategies together, making them the best ever.
  • Require a lot of tactical thinking. You’ll know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies well in advance because each round lasts only about 20 seconds.
  •  You need a high level of intelligence, but it also allows more people to play together “Multiplayer” so you can play against your friends too.
  •  The drawings are very detailed and high quality with regard to soldiers, terrain and others.

6-Warlords RTS

Warlords RTS
Warlords RTS

The best strategic games for the iPhone because of its mythical and imaginary nature. It was designed to resemble the Tolkein universe, full of janitors, dwarfs and warlords

  •  Great photos and graphics with fun cartoon characters.
  •  The players consist of hunter-gatherers, guard guards and intellectuals, all of whom come with their own skills and abilities, while enemies, sprites and janitors also have abilities.
  •  You can create a list containing all the stolen goods and treasures you find along the way, such as jewelry, coins and weapons.

7-Rogue Planet

Rogue Planet
Rogue Planet

A purely strategic game that is simply as fun as it can get. The game is very similar to advanced warfare


  •  The story is centered around exciting graphics.
  •  The world map is designed with a keen interest in detail and looks amazingly beautiful in its complexity.
  •  The game offers some great features like Kamikaze, which allows players to have self-destruct and eliminate anyone in the vicinity of your area as well.
  • Artificial Intelligence develops during your play and the game learns from you many unique skills and techniques, making the enemy a challenge.

8-Alien Tribe

Alien Tribe
Alien Tribe

Is an open world game where you can explore the entire galaxy at your will. It mixes this kind of open world with some traditional real-time strategies


  •  Combines ways to identify destinations to the open world with real-time strategies for traditional, so this game offers something that suits everyone.
  •  You can explore the universe by your own will, hunting and exploring asteroids and other planets and fighting enemy ships.
  •  More than 40 tasks, with upgrades after each one. You can do more research to boost your space station defenses.
  •  Spectacular images with some brilliant color changing vehicles that make the universe bold.

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