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3 programs will turn your Android device into a real robot

Android has a certain quality of applications that are not available to other platforms, taking advantage of the endless freedom available to Android application developers that gives them open and unlimited system architecture, as well as support from Google, which provided some of the most unique tools for this platform. In this topic we will focus on three programs only, but it is able to convert your Android device to a robot completely complete as you see in science fiction movies Download and use these programs and you will know that Android – an Android – and that the name of the system (Android)

3 programs will turn your Android device into a real robot



Edwin is an application that uses audio conversion libraries to write and understand the high-quality Text-To-Speech and Speech Synthesizing commands provided by Google to Android. You can talk to Edwin through a wide range of voice commands and this robot will help you and respond to you with his beloved robotic voice from science fiction movies

The program currently supports the following commands

Search: The program is based on your request to search for information in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha and the famous movie site IMDB. The Wolfram Alpha search may be one of the coolest things to ask complex questions like: “How was the average temperature in Damascus in August 2009?” Wait a moment to hear the answer 🙂
Contact: Call someone in the address book or number.
Time and date: Know the time and date locally (in your country) or in any other country.
Applications: Give the command to open and run any application from your device.
Phone settings: Change phone settings (Bluetooth turn on, switch to flight mode, turn on the display) and also know the status of a particular setting. For example: “What is the status of the WiFi wireless network”, and will answer: “Wireless network is on”.
Weather: Current weather or weather forecasts for tomorrow in terms of temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc. In your country or in any country you request.
Maps and Directions: The Dole Restaurant was shown on the map in the city of Riyadh. Where is the nearest cafe?
Dictionary: Extracts the definitions of the required words and reads them aloud.
Mathematics and conversion of units: the operation of calculations and the conversion of all types of units of weight and measurement .. Etc.
Translation: Ask him or her to translate any words (from English) into one of the following languages: Spanish, Italian, German or French. Very helpful for your excursions!
Send: Send an SMS, an email, or a message to Twitter.

You will be able to download the software from the Android Market



The previous program Edwin was able to execute all your orders perfectly as your obedient server! But what about another server that serves you without even asking him?

This program performs the tasks automatically according to your current phone status:

Place of the phone geographically: home, work, library, mosque .. etc.
Time and date: Perform certain tasks in certain hours or days.
Application: How the phone behaves towards a specific application. (Before running the application, while the application is running, or after the application is closed). For example, when GPS is turned on, Google Maps is turned off and automatically turned off after you finish using the program.
Phone status: The phone is connected to the charger, to the Bluetooth headset, the wireless network extinguishes the phone in horizontal, vertical, etc. mode. You can perform a specific task, depending on your phone’s current status, for example: Turn off the wireless network when you are away from home or office to save the battery.
Event Specific Event: A particular person’s connection, deletion of a specific file, change of wallpaper, battery access to a certain extent

The wonderful program which makes it useful is the possibility to combine all of these situations and settings and create thousands of possibilities and possibilities to achieve the realization of complex settings already. It also allows you to create shortcuts and widgets on your desktop to perform certain tasks when you click them

The Tasker program is free and costs about six dollars but it is actually worth the amount and more. Before you pay, you can download a trial version for 14 days from here

Google Goggles

Google Goggles
Google Goggles

Yes, this program is not new but we can not ignore it and not talk about it again, especially when we talk about future robotic programs from the future! I remember when I was young and when I saw the famous movie Terminator, I remember the scene of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he came from the future and started to look at him with his strange glasses. If he looked at a particular building, he had all the information about this building and if he looked at something, Something you can know about this (thing). In the 1980s this seemed to us a science fiction but Google had another opinion when it developed the Goggles Visual Search program and gave us its own glasses inside Android phones. Using this program, you can once and for all use the camera and the camera to get all the information about what you have photographed, be it a book, an archaeological landmark, a product, a painting, a building, The program can also distinguish text on banners and books and translate them! The program can also recognize your surroundings using Augmented Reality, a technology that allows you to simply turn on the camera and look through your device screen without taking a picture of watching your surroundings differently. A new layer will appear on the screen showing you the names of streets, buildings and shops around you.

Google says that the program is still in its early stages and will be in the near future able to know the type of plant from just photographing one sheet of paper and know the type of car from just photographed from afar.

You can download the program from the Android Market

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