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5 most famous pseudo-scientific concepts we always repeat

In this report we review with you some of the most famous pseudo-scientific concepts facts that we – at one time – believe in their absolute validity, and continue to hesitate every day, without knowing that scientists and research have proven wrong for a long time.

famous 5 pseudo-scientific concepts we always repeat

1-“We will burn if we approached the sun, and we will freeze if we move away from the sun”

away from the sun”

We will burn if we approached the sun, and we will freeze if we move away from the sun”
One of the myths that we believed and believed in and we are repeating them with absolute certainty, so that some believe and think that this information – the false – is evidence of the greatness of the God of the universe, which everything has a bit.

The common myth is that the estimated distance between Earth and the bright star is estimated at 150 million kilometers, and just approaching the earth or moving away from the sun by another 10 feet / 3 meters may cause plowing and offspring.

But the truth is otherwise, we approach the sun and move away from it all year, without burning or freezing, because the earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical orbit, making the distance between them unstable and changing.

In January, the Earth is about to reach 147 million kilometers, and in July the earth is about 152 million kilometers away. The Earth’s distance from the sun, with these five million kilometers, undoubtedly affects the temperatures we feel on Earth. Cause our burning and freezing.

Solar System

Scientists have even recently confirmed that moving Earth to replace Venus, which is about 100 million kilometers away from the Sun, would raise the planet’s temperature by 40 degrees Celsius, making it unsuitable for habitation and life, but it would not burn it as we imagine. in schools!

2-“If you want to lose your mind or become mentally ill, feed your baby sugary foods”


your baby sugary foods
your baby sugary foods

Because of the prevalence of this false information, the researchers conducted many medical and psychological studies and many experiments, which proved the error of this information recognized by the validity, they gave children sugar-free foods and other foods containing sugar, without explaining any foods are empty and the other contain, Researchers have no change in the behavior of children after eating sugar-free, about their behavior after eating sugary foods.

In other experiments, children were given sugar-free foods and claimed to be sugary foods. Parents’ reactions and observations on children’s behavior were similar to those of children who actually ate sugar.

In 1982, the American National Institute of Health announced that there was no connection between hyperactivity and sugar consumption scientifically, and justified psychiatrists and researchers, enthusiasm, hyperactivity, activity and random behavior and the tendency to quarrel and failure to obey the orders and instructions suffered by children, after eating sweets and sugary foods, Overpriced and joyful after eating sugary food loved them, especially at Christmas parties and holiday gatherings.

They also pointed out that parents tend to accuse “sugar” of causing their children’s misconduct rather than admit that their failure to obey orders is due to an educational disorder, so “innocent” sugar is still accused of excessive child labor, and parents are still echoing this information To justify their children’s extra activity.

3-“Do you know that you only use 10% of your brain? Imagine what you can accomplish if you use the remaining 90%

your brain
your brain

Do you know that you only use 10% of your brain? Imagine what you can accomplish if you use the remaining 90%
This information is common and praised by human development coaches, and scientists and researchers consider it a fairy tale. It dates back to the theories of backup energy developed by psychologists William James and Boris Sides at Harvard University in the late 19th century.

They tested the James / Cedis miracle theory in adulthood and intelligence on 250-300 children, and found that people meet only a fraction of their full mental potential, which is reasonable.

But the myth of the 10 percent, as wildfire is spread by Thomas Lowell’s 1936 book, is in the foreword to the famous book “Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People ?,” when falsely claiming that Professor William James of Harvard University A normal man uses only 10% of his or her potential mental abilities, although the James / Cedis test of untapped potential, not mental abilities, has not been defined as human development trainers and positive thinking around the world.

4-“If you’re interested in consistency, colors and imagination, you’re using the right part of your brain, but if you’re leaning toward numbers, words, logic, and analysis, you’re using the left part of your brain”

right and left
right and left

This pseudo-information claims that the tendencies of people, their scientific and academic specialization, and their proficiency in the domain of donna, is controlled by the half of the brain that they work for without the other half.

The right hemisphere, which controls the left side of your body, controls creative behavior, imagination, art, music, poetry, literature, colors, and drawing. The left side of your brain, which controls the right part of the body, is responsible for calculations, experiments, Logical analysis and language learning.

For example, recent research has shown that people excel in mathematics and solve computations when the brain works together. Neuroscientists assert that the two parts of the brain work together to carry out a wide range Of tasks and through the communication of the technical body.

5-Vaccines cause autism


Vaccines cause autism
Vaccines cause autism

British physician quorum Andrew Wakefield

Then, in 2001, he claimed to have found parts of the measles virus in the tissues of some autistic children, and published another research paper accusing the thromerosal substance in the vaccine of causing autism in children. Thus, the enthusiasm of the press and television talk shows began to campaign Against vaccines.

Which caused panic among British parents. Solidarity campaigns were launched to vaccinate children. Autistic children began to sue vaccine manufacturers. The use of the vaccine was reduced to 60% in 2006, while the proportion of infected children Measles – A child has been diagnosed with measles – the proportion of children with autism has not decreased.

Later, the Sunday Times journalist Bryan Deer proved that Wakefield’s research was fabricated, that the man was just manipulating numbers, dates, and parents’ remarks to suit what he wanted, and that his study was not misguided, misguided and immoral with the children in question.

Although the British Medical Council removed Wickfield from the Medical Practice Register in 2010, after confirming that there was no link between vaccines and autism, the British Medical Journal declared that this was the worst medical trick in the history of science, but this false medical information Still resonates among parents, television programs and newspapers.

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