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the way to get Cinematic picture with your Droid smartphone

collected by :Maya Tony
How to get Cinematic picture with your Android PhoneYour android phone has the ability to create some really stunning cinematic videos.
When filming in Open Camera, you’ll want to shoot in the maximum resolution that your phone is capable of.
It starts with ditching your stock camera app and downloading Open Camera.
In this video, I use my Google Pixel XL to capture footage and edit it in Adobe Premiere.
This comes with tons of color presets that you can look through and apply to your footage.

Jelly is currently the smallest Android phone in the world

As it stated in Jelly is currently the smallest Android phone in the world.
The project for the world’s smallest smart phone has moderately around a month remaining in fundraising.
Jelly (Source: Kickstater)A group of Shanghai based engineers and designers that are referred to as Unihertz are behind the creation of the Android phone called Jelly.
This project was created by a group of mobile engineers and designers based in Shanghai.
According to Unihertz Facebook page, this project is the first for the group as a whole likewise their first Kickstarter.



Cinematic Footage

as informed in  Essential, a startup run by the creator of Google’s Android, added $300 million to its war chest as it looks to break into the highly competitive field of consumer electronics.
“I just went to other investors,” Rubin said.
While the phone uses Android, Essential built a new operating system to support the home gadget.
The new financing round created a separate class of shares with more voting rights, suggesting Playground Global has considerable control over Essential, according to Equidate’s analysis.
Before the latest financing, Essential raised $30 million from Rubin’s Playground Global and Redpoint Ventures last year.


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