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Google Maps mistake harming the city of Stanley

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Stanley,= – A small Idaho town has been in a battle with tech giant Google.
Over the last few months, Mayor Mumford has been working to get the problem fixed on Google Maps.
That’s because when you looked up Stanley on Google Maps, what came up was a nearly four-hour route through Sun Valley that essentially goes around the town.
Their map showed that Highway 21, the most direct route to Stanley from the Boise area, was closed.
After months of phone calls and emails to Google, Mumford reached his wit’s end.

unclear Google Maps shot causes a noise on Reddit

as declared in AUSTIN – A bizarre snapshot from Google Maps’ Street View has Reddit users divided.
Reddit users want to know why the driver is so angry.
Sadly they were mostly obscured by a tree, lol.”Surprisingly, one Redditor admitted they’d actually given the bird to a Google driver before:“I was featured flipping off the Google car in my driveway last year.
“My coworkers waved at a Google car a few months ago, and earlier this week we were looking to see if you could see it on street view.
I was flipping it off mostly because it was doing 45 on my 25MPH street.”So, how do you vote: the woman or Google driver?
 Google Maps

as declared in
Google Maps

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Google Maps will use these colours to plot the areas with the highest levels of air pollution.
Google is currently testing a prototype map that reveals the pollution levels in Oakland California.

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