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Google Play’s latest advanced for Samsung moblies isn’t very exclusive

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It seems like a bad idea to make such a potentially popular feature exclusive only to a small percentage of Google Play listeners.
We’ve reached out to Google and Samsung on the exclusivity of this deal and will update when we have a comment.
There are reports on Reddit that users have been able to add the New Release Radio station to their libraries when using the Google Play web interface.
It’s unclear what exactly is happening here, and whether the ability to access the playlist from non-Samsung devices is a bug or an intentional workaround for Google Play listeners.
However, anything that helps users wade through the countless new music releases every week is welcome news, so here’s hoping that this playlist isn’t, in fact, a Samsung exclusive.

Samsung is launching a latest outdoor surveillance camera

as mentioned in This new camera’s features, at least from what I can tell, are the same as the company’s more expensive, already released outdoor cam.
Samsung is likely releasing a new outdoor camera soon, judging from a Best Buy page that lists the device.
New indoor/outdoor Samsung cam coming.
The retail store says a “SmartCam Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Network Surveillance Camera” is “coming soon.” It’ll cost $199.99.
The original camera looks like a classic surveillance device with a left to right swivel head.

Related: Best VR headsetHave you used a Samsung Gear VR headset?
Samsung is plotting an ultra-high resolution version of the Gear VR headset, according to a new report.
The first version of Gear VR launched back in November 2015, and required the docking of a smartphone to act as a screen.
The big advancement here, it’s claimed, is that the new Gear VR would have a massively ramped-up resolution.
Back in March, it was reported that Samsung was developing a Gear VR with a resolution of 1,500ppi, purportedly in a bid to reduce discomfort, nausea, and headaches.
Samsung tipped to beat VR nausea with new Gear headset


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