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Google Play Services v11 Adds latest Location Services Applications program interface


Google Play Services v11 Adds New LocationServices APIsEarlier this month, Google released version 11 of Google Play Services and it came with a lot of changes to the platform.
A big change that came with the Google Play Services SDK was the addition of some new APIs for developers who wish to access LocationServices.
This means you will not need to implement code that prompts the user to update Google Play Services.
The new LocationServices APIs use the Task API, which is good because it makes it easier to compose asynchronous operations.
Google believes the new location APIs offer a better developer experience because they are simpler and the code is less error-prone.

Get Google Play Music’s latest launch Radio Station On Your smartphone

Radio Station

referring to Samsung smartphone owners were recently given exclusive access to Google Play Music’s “New Release Radio” station.
Here is how to get the New Release Radio station on your mobile phone if you are not using a Samsung device:
This comes a few months after Samsung and Google partnered to make Google Play Music the default media player and streaming service on all Samsung phones.
For Samsung, it is a way to make music streaming a selling point for new phones after its Milk Music streaming service was shut down in September 2016.
Spotify offers a Release Radar playlist, but only compiles the newest music released every Friday.

referring to
 New Google Play

In-app billing relies on the Google Play Store, which handles the communication between the app and Google’s Play billing service.
Money Made Easily with the New Google Play Billing LibraryMany developers use their apps to make money and earn a living.
Yesterday the company officially announced the Play Billing Library – Developer Preview 1.
If you want to use Play Billing features, you must request the com.android.vending.BILLING permission in your AndroidManifest.xml file.
You can try Google Play billing features in your app right now.


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