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basic cell Phone spotted in the wild, could be a prototype

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The basic cell Phone has yet to be released in the market but one redditor claimed that he saw the smartphone out in the wild.
How did the Snapchatter know it’s the Essential Phone?
A video of a man using the new phone was shared on YouTube, showing off the phone that is not even out in the market.
The 9-second video showed a white smartphone being used by a man who was also wearing a pair of earphones.
Compare the images below:Some people are saying the phone in the video could just be a prototype, noting the difference between the color of the bezels.

basic cell Phone gets caught on vidimus in general

The Essential Phone is due to start shipping out to customers soon, but we don’t have an exact date just yet.
The user was caught on Snapchat, so we’re really just looking at a short 10 second clip of the Essential Phone, not anything in-depth.
Despite the phone technically not being available, someone got their hands on one and managed to accidentally get captured in public using it.
The user is having a conversation in WhatsApp, and he gets a notification that drops in just like they do in Android Nougat.
Maybe this means Essential’s legal spat with Spigen won’t keep the device from a smooth launch.
Essential Phone



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The basic cell phone Was Spotted On general Transit

The Essential Phone Was Spotted On Public TransitInitial units of the Essential Phone are yet to ship to customers.
Check it out for yourself:The Essential Phone had its announcement on late May.
The phone comes with a 3.040 mAh battery and a 5.71″ QHD (2560 x 1312) display.
The phone has been captured on video, and said video was then shared on YouTube for the rest of us to see.
Andy Rubin’s company must have been testing the device ahead of release, though, as one of the fully working prototypes has been spotted in the hands of a man in public transit.




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