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MSFT Surface MacBook Pro Echoes IOS Apple’s Annoying features

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Might actually have to get an iPad pro… — (((Josh Ourisman))) (@joshourisman) June 6, 2017Apple is doing pretty amazing things with the iPad Pro.
MultimediaBesides the screen, the multimedia capabilities of the new iPad Pro easily outdo the Surface Pro and other competing tablets.
Many disagreed with that assessment, and although the 9.7-inch iPad Pro received excellent reviews, sales for the iPad line continued to decrease throughout 2016.
When Apple first hinted at the upgrade to the iPad Pro line, there were a bunch of collective yawns.
CameraThe iPad Pro uses the same camera with the true-tone flash that is found on the iPhone 7.

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Apple Mac Pro 2017 compare MSFT Surface Laptop: Price, Specs And oveer

The MacBook Pro 2017 with 256GB SSD costs $1,499, while a Surface Pro Signature Type cover accessory will cost you 159.99.
Both the MacBook Pro and Surface Laptop have 8GB and 16GB RAM versions, but there is a more affordable one available for the Surface Laptop with 4GB RAM.
The 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017 costs $1,299, same as the Surface Laptop.
While Apple recently revealed the 2017 Apple MacBook with Kaby Lake processor, Microsoft revealed its first Surface Laptop.
While the MacBook comes with MacOS Sierra, with a better configured High Sierra coming soon, the Surface Laptop comes with Windows 10S.
Apple MacBook Pro

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Microsoft Surface Pro

In the case of 2017’s Surface Pro the one element that was potentially repairable from the Surface Pro 4 was the SSD.
The latest Surface hardware releases signal that Microsoft is heading down the same road.
Given the latest news from those who have access to the latest Surface Pro ultraportable and Surface Laptop computer, anyone familiar with Apple’s attitude to user upgrades and repairs will see an echo in Redmond’s hardware strategy.
The Surface Laptop is even more awkward for repairing.
Microsoft’s designs are comparable to Apple’s latest machines.

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