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google shopping competes with Amazon with new features in its shopping service

Google shopping is trying to take a step further in the field of online commerce, by enhancing its shopping service (Google Shopping) more features .. and simplify the shipments of products .. This represents a direct competition to the company «Amazon» .. which represents the most prominent participants In the field of e-commerce all over the world.
Google has continued with some retailers to offer a “buy now” button in its service, “Google Shopping” .. Amazon also provides the possibility of ordering products with one click

What is Google shopping?


“Google Shopping” as it appears from the name service related to shopping and Google was a giant search, therefore focused on the service to search for goods by international stores and then view the details of the product.
Unfortunately the service does not support the Arab markets well but you can benefit from them by searching for different products and knowing the goods and comparison from one shop to another before the purchase.
After entering the name of the item and clicking on the search icon will show all the results related to the same goods for more than a store, the new here is Google because of this service to pay a large fine because of manipulation of search results in the words of different sources.

Google Shopping

Currently, Google Shopping leads shoppers to retail sites via links that appear in search results, but Google wants to keep users on longer pages instead of converting them to other sites.
Unlike Amazon, Google does not deliver products on its own, but wants to streamline and facilitate shipping procedures for online shoppers, so they can search for products in their search engine instead of switching to Amazon.
Google’s efforts come at a time when Amazon is stepping up its efforts to get a share of Google’s profits from ads appearing in the search results.
The newspaper cited a source familiar with Google’s study of a marketing program that allows retailers to deliver products within two days through their shopping service. The new program is similar to ShopRunner, which allows products to be shipped within two days of some retailers.
The sources pointed out that the discussions are still in the early stages .. Perhaps Google does not actually carry out either of the two plans .. Until now, retailers who have accepted with «Google» the idea of the purchase button .. because of their unwillingness to face the competition online shops.
“We’re constantly exploring … and trying a lot of ideas to improve the consumer experience, but we do not have anything to announce,” a company spokeswoman said.

Amazon Control

Amazon Control
Amazon Control

If Google goes ahead with its new plans, its latest efforts will be to counter Amazon’s growing dominance of the e-commerce market. According to Forrester Research, 39 percent of online shoppers started in the third quarter of 2009, In 2014, the search for «Amazon» .. compared to only 11% began to search for products through search engines such as «Google». This contrasts with the situation in 2009, when 24% of shoppers started with search engines .. compared to 18% headed to Amazon first.
Former Google employees say product search is the most lucrative category for the company’s $ 50 billion business. Although Google does not disclose details, its chairman, Eric Schmidt .. Last October, the company «Amazon» .. as the biggest competitor in the field of research for his company ..
E-commerce investor at Bismar Venture Partners, Jeremy Levine, said that Amazon is rapidly outperforming North America’s online retail business, which is a big problem for Google, which has to face up quickly. Reasonable.

Payment services

Payment services
Payment services

In addition to Amazon .. The rapid spread of the use of smart phones and mobile payment services via mobile phones is another obstacle to «Google» .. As many users of mobile phones and traditional sites and search engines .. They go directly to applications belonging to retailers or «Amazon» .
For example, Apple’s new Apple iPhone service offers users of iPhone phones direct payments in a number of applications, prompting users to go directly to online merchants, CEO of e-commerce at Staples, Faisal Masood.
Google also allows Google Walt users to pay for products from websites and applications in just two clicks.
Google is seeking more services for Amazon shoppers.

Buy button

In November 2014, Google users began using smart phones to see channels dedicated to information about products. Within the search results, it mimics Amazon pages, including images of products, specifications, prices and reviews. This is what Google already provides to users via devices Personal computer ..
But that does not make shoppers more likely to visit retailers’ sites to complete the purchase. Often, some of these sites do not include fast shipping and credit card information, which makes it difficult to complete sales. Google »Buy the goods without leaving their pages .. They will provide information related to credit cards and addresses only once .. Then passed« Google »to retailers to complete the requests ..
In a similar direction, Facebook and Twitter have already tested a “button” to buy, making it easier for users to buy products displayed in ads.
According to a store manager familiar with Google’s plans, the company has asked to prepare for testing the system soon, although it is not advisable to start before the current holiday season.

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