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Samsung Galaxy Note8 phone release end September for nearly 1,000 pound

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The move to bring back the Galaxy Note 7 comes as the South Korean consumer electronics giant has a hit on its hands with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, which launched this spring and have received rave reviews.
Reuse, Resell, RecycleIn March, Samsung announced it would sell a refurbished version of Galaxy Note 7 and that it was looking at reusing and reselling components from the old one.
It’s a far cry from a year ago when it was forced to recall and eventually kill the Galaxy Note 7 line of smartphones due to unsafe batteries.
The company said at the time it would choose the markets for the refurbished Galaxy Note 7s and when they will be released.
Samsung Electronics (SSNLF) is bringing back the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7, but this time around it’s using different components that the South Korean consumer electronics giant is hoping won’t cause similar issues that prompted recall of the device last year.

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Samsung Galaxy Note8 phone releases end September for nearly €1,000

Samsung is making preparations to launch its most expensive cellphone yet, telling partners that its Galaxy Note8 will retail for €999.
The lenses are said to be configured horizontally, situated to the left of the flash and heart rate sensor.
At nearly the same size as the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+, for the first time in its seven-year history, Samsung is counting on more than an expansive screen to differentiate the Note line from the S-series.
The €999 retail price should translate to a little over $900, given that the €799 Galaxy S8 and €899 S8+ initially sold unlocked for about $725 and $825, respectively.
DeX capability is also included, as the Note8 is said to be compatible with the same dock that, when connected to a monitor, brings a desktop experience to the Galaxy S8 models.
Samsung Galaxy Note8

Samsung Galaxy Note8 renders 1 of 13The renders also show a near bezel-less design, just like the S8 duo.
So there you have it folks – the first real look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note8.
However, as the direct successor, the upcoming Galaxy Note8 still needs to shoulder a lot of responsibility.
While Samsung is expected to board the dual-camera bandwagon with the upcoming Galaxy C10, the Note8 is also expected to sport this feature.
We now bring you an exclusive look at its renders and 360-degree video in partnership with OnLeaks.


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