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OnePlus 5 is the 1st Android smartphone to win the iPhone in a speed analisis

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The OnePlus 5 is faster than the iPhone 7 Plus, at least according to YouTuber PhoneBuff’s speed test.
The phone went on sale Tuesday, and is the first Android phone in several years to dethrone the iPhone.
The iPhone has sat solidly at the top of PhoneBuff’s rankings since the iPhone 6S came out in late 2015.
Normally the iPhone has taken the lead in previous speed tests, especially with games, and even against higher spec handsets.
The added RAM combined with its speedy animations ultimately make it close the second round a full seven seconds before the iPhone, making it PhoneBuff’s new speed champion.

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That said, rumors indicate that Apple’s own screen fingerprint technology is problematic, and could lead to iPhone 8 launch delays.
If that sounds familiar, that’s because Apple has at least a patent describing how such a technology would work.
Inside the phone, there’s Qualcomm’s fingerprint scanner that uses ultrasonic tech to read fingerprints through the screen.
And that’s only because Apple never announces technologies that could be used in its future products ahead of time.
Qualcomm on Wednesday unveiled its new fingerprint-reading technology that works through the screen and even metal.
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OnePlus 5 is the 1st Android smartphone to win the iPhone in a speed analisis  [Video]

Mostly how the OnePlus wins is by having faster animations in its Android skin.
David Rahimi has been conducting speed-test battles between iPhones and Android phones for quite some time now, and his latest test is the first time anything has beaten an iPhone.
Because iOS animates the opening of apps and return to the homescreen, to give the feel of windows opening and closing, there’s a measurable time-lag involved.
The OnePlus 5 – which is a blatant copy of the iPhone 7 Plus design – proved faster than the phone it mimicks …NordVPNThe OnePlus ends up beating out the iPhone by a full seven seconds.
And that’s not the only way the OnePlus cheats speed-tests …You can watch the test below.




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