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expect from Nokia’s upcoming Android flagship cellphone : advantage, breakingnews

While fans are ecstatic that their beloved brand is coming back, and that too with Android in tow, many have been disappointment at the lack of a proper Nokia Android flagship.
To date, the company has announced three Android smartphones – the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 – all of which are priced under Rs 15,000.

expect from Nokia’s upcoming Android flagship cellphone : advantage, breakingnews

However, their disillusionment may have been premature as many rumours and leaks point towards Nokia releasing a high-end flagship by the end of 2017.
The Nokia 3 has already launched in India and the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 are scheduled to launch on July 7 and July 14 respectively.
The Nokia 9 has a lot riding on its shoulders as it will be the first ever high-end smartphone from Nokia to come with Android .With the Nokia 9, the company will have to compete with stalwarts of the Android smartphone market like Samsung and not just Chinese OEM’s like Xiaomi.

Most searched upcoming Nokia Android Smartphones/cellphones/Handsets 2017 and 2018

Nokia Android

as informed in As of now Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 are giving consumers a chance to experience Android on affordable but feature packed Nokia handsets, but the company is not just stopping here.
Today we have created a list of Android devices which are the most searched Nokia phones in the online world.
Nokia has successfully announced its first installment of Android devices in the Indian market.
The smartphones have been aggressively priced and are bound to make Nokia a household name once again.
13MP main snapper at its rear12MP front-facing selfie shooterNon-removable Li-Ion 3900 mAh battery powering

And on the same day as these were revealed, the Withings Health Mate app was updated to the Nokia name.
The most recent version also sports a small digital screen for notifications and a heart rate monitor.
The change from Withings to Nokia saw the Nokia name branded on the gadgets and a couple of new models added to the range.
It has targeted wellness programs, including three different heart statistics for you to monitor: blood pressure, heart rate and pulse wave velocity, which measures artery health.
The first are Nokia Body, a BMI Wi-Fi connected scale, and Nokia BPM+, a compact blood pressure monitor.
as informed in
Nokia Health

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