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Toyota make a HSR robot to help a paralytic Army vet around the home

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The Japanese auto giant built the HSR  robot to help people with disabilities perform everyday tasks around the home, like open doors and fetch water bottles.
“a natural extension of our work as a mobility company that helps people navigate their world”Romulo “Romy” Camargo is a decorated war veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan, leaving him paralyzed below the neck.
Toyota said the goal was to help Camargo regain some independence and improve the quality of his life.
In this case, the robot was delivered to the home of a US Army vet who is paraplegic, and, as you can imagine, the results were quite heartwarming.
Toyota recently completed its first in-home trial of its new Human Support Robot.

Toyota make a HSR robot to help a paralytic Army vet around the home

as mentioned in The most recent project is the Human Support Robot (HSR) introduced in 2012.
Toyota’s Partner Robot research covers five projects including a humanoid robot dexterous enough to play the violin and Robina, initially functioning as a tour guide around Toyota facilities before moving into nursing homes as an assistant robot.
Take a look at HSR helping Romy in the video below.
“When they opened the box, and I saw the robot, I figured we would unfold the next chapter in human support robots helping people with disabilities,” says Camargo.
On top of the “Partner Robot” research branch, and some daring autonomous concept cars, the company invested US$1 billion in 2016 towards establishing a new research and development center solely dedicated to work in robotic artificial intelligence.
Toyota's  robot



To retrieve his water, Toyota put a QR code on the bottle so the robot could easily identify it.
In another test, Toyota used facial recognition technology to have the robot open the front door of Camargo’s home.
The robot would bring Romy Camargo water and snacks, and open his front door for him.
Camargo and Toyota made a list of tasks the robot would try and help Camargo with.
The automaker, which has a growing interest in robotics and home mobility, spent three days testing with a paralyzed Army ranger recently.


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