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transfere your Droid cellphone into a cartridge lovin’ Game Boy

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The Smart Boy works with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges.
Turn your Android phone into a Nintendo Game Boy with Smart BoyHow would you like to turn your Android flavored handset into a Nintendo Game Boy that accepts both monochrome and color game cartridges?
All you need is the Smart Boy.
That means you can dust off your old Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red games, and finally finish playing them.The Smart Boy is expected to be released in September.
It can be done, we tell you, and it won’t require a magic wand or spells from Harry Potter to accomplish the feat.

transfere your Droid cellphone into a cartridge lovin’ Game Boy 

according to It turns your Android smartphone into a fully working Nintendo Game Boy and even accepts old Game Boy cartridges.
It uses the smartphone screen to play either Game Boy or Game Boy Color games – inserted into a cartridge slot on the rear.
The Smart Boy is available on pre-order for £59.99 from Funstock Retro and has been released as part of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program.
Both PAL and NTSC games are compatible, and the Smart Boy has its own built-in battery that lasts up to five-hours of play.
We’ve seen a few accessories for smartphones that either add joypad buttons or even turn your device into a mini arcade machine, but the Smart Boy, available via PQube in Europe, is best gaming add-on we’ve ever seen.
Game BoY

See related Revisiting the Nintendo Game BoyCreated by the retro device manufacturer Hyperkin, the SmartBoy is a gadget that lets you play your old Game Boy cartridges on your Android phone.
The SmartBoy, out in September, will set you back £60, and is said to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 phones and upwards.
“Compatibility with other phones may vary”, the manufacturer’s blurb reads.
The SNES Classic Mini is shaping up to be this autumn’s must-have retro gaming item, but there’s also a challenger coming from a less official quarter than Nintendo.
You can see the gadget in action below.


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