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free WhatsApp become on the top break news source in some countries

To start with, some carriers in those countries bundle free WhatsApp access with mobile subscriptions.
Next to 47 percent, the percentage (15) of respondents who said they use WhatsApp to get the latest in current affairs sounds positively tiny.
The service seems to be especially popular in Chile, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain and Turkey, as well.
However, when divided by country, the app’s numbers become much more impressive:Over half of the Malaysian and 46 percent of the Brazilian participants said they use WhatsApp for news.
But why exactly are people beginning to turn to the chat app when they want to see what’s new?

WhatsApp become  a big popular break news resource

according to So keep looking for the truth, friends — although it may not be where you spend your social media time.
Why it matters to you While social media and messaging apps are increasingly popular sources of news and information, respondents say they don’t necessarily trust these sources either.
The burgeoning problem of fake news over the last several months has underscored the role that social media plays in our news consumption.
According to new data from Digital News Report, WhatsApp is becoming an increasingly popular source of news, and in some parts of the world, has overtaken its parent company Facebook as the go-to purveyor of information.
Less than a quarter of respondents said that social media is good at differentiating between fact and fiction.
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