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repealed Nokia Mercury tablet was better thanrepealed Surface Mini

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Today Leaked pictures of a Nokia Mercury tablet had surfaced on the internet.

And few weeks back we have also seen leaked pictures and specifications of cancelled Lumia 960 and a Nokia Windows Phone with qwerty keypad.

repealed Nokia Mercury tablet was better thanrepealed  Surface Mini

A couple of days ago we had reported about the leaked pictures of the Cancelled Microsoft Surface Mini.
From the design point of view it is looking like a older Nokia phone with colorful plastic back.
This cancelled tablet also had front and rear facing camera.

As it stated in However, instead of Windows RT , the leaked prototype unit is running Windows 8, a much better choice at that time.
A few live pictures of the canceled tablet has just been published by Italian publicationThe slate was powered by an Intel Atom Z3795 chipset, coupled with 1-2GB RAM.
Nokia Mercury had never received the green light from Microsoft, so it remains one of those devices that you wish you could be given the opportunity to buy (or not).
However, we haven’t yet reported anything about Nokia Mercury, a slate that should have been released in 2014-2015 with Windows RT on board.Some press pictures of the Nokia Mercury surfaced a long time ago, but now we get to take a look at the real thing.
Windows Blog Italia Microsoft canceled more than one device while its mobile division was active.
 Nokia Mercury

As it stated in Today another cancelled Windows tablet popped up, this time the Nokia Mercury, which has so far only been seen in renders (above).
A few days ago pictures of the cancelled Surface Mini leaked, and that mythical device turned out to be rather disappointing, being ugly, with massive bezels and running Windows RT.
The current leak confirms the device was an Atom x86 tablet with 1-2 GB of RAM, running Windows 8, making it a better device than the Windows RT Surface Mini.
The device had a front-facing camera, prominent rear-facing camera and what looked like a SIM slot, so may have been LTE enabled.
While not exactly a looker itself, the handset does have that classic Lumia design language which was so successful in 2014.
 Nokia Mercury tablet


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