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Essential cellPhone launch date

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A Sprint spokesperson told Business Insider last week that the Essential phone is “expected to debut this year,” but didn’t know exactly when.
In addition to its phone, the company also plans to release a voice-controlled smart home device similar to the Amazon Echo called Home.
But more than 30 days have passed since then, and Essential isn’t shipping the phone yet.
An Essential spokesperson did not respond to multiple requests for comment.
Essential is taking pre-orders for an unlocked version of the phone through its website.

 Rubin’s Essential cellPhone is running not early

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is already lateBack in May, when the Essential phone was unveiled , Android co-creator Andy Rubin said that the device would ship within the next 30-days.
Andy Rubin certainly deserves at the least a couple of get out of jail free cards.source: AndroidAuthority
$699.The Essential phone features an edge-to-edge screen, and will ship with a brand new virtual assistant, thus far unnamed.
In other words, this has the makings of being a really powerful high-end Android model.
The unlocked version of the Android flavored model will work with each of the country’s top four stateside carriers.
Andy Rubin


The Essential cellPhone passed its month shipping promise, and that’s fine

referring to See also: Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone will be a Telus exclusive in CanadaFurthermore, it helps that we have learned plenty about the Essential Phone since its announcement.
It has been over 30 days since then, and even though the Essential Phone is not yet at my doorstep, I am perfectly okay with that.
When Android co-creator Andy Rubin took the wraps off the Essential Phone around the end of May, the Playground and Essential CEO also said the phone would ship within the following 30 days.
The Essential Phone is also available for pre-order for $699, a pretty high price tag for a smartphone from an unknown player.
To make that happen, however, Essential must make sure the Essential Phone is as market-ready as possible, and if that means it passes the 30-day window Rubin promised the phone would ship in, then I am okay with that.


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