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Samsung showed off four latest sub- new brands of its ISOCELL camera sensors

Samsung showed off four new sub-brands of its ISOCELL camera sensors: IISOCELL camera Bright, ISOCELL Dual, ISOCELL Fast, and ISOCELL Slim.
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is just around the corner.
The Galaxy Note 8 will get a release in August, a full month ahead of Apple’s iPhone 8.
Either way, the Galaxy Note 8 should represent a big step forward, with respect to imaging, for Samsung.
Up to now, Samsung has been using Sony and ISOCELL camera sensors in its high-end releases.

image of the Samsung Galaxy Note eight ‘s camera is infiltrated

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It seems Samsung believes its Galaxy Note 8 has what it takes to stand up to Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 8.
Mr Tung claims that the photo shows the dual lens camera, LED flash and fingerprint ID scanner for the Galaxy Note 8.
Samsung was forced to scrap its Galaxy Note 7 range last year after repeated reports from users that they were catching fire.
It later claimed a battery fault in the Galaxy Note 7 was to blame.
A rumour brought to light, by ‘an individual briefed on the company’s plans’, previously claimed the Samsung Note 8 will be unveiled in September, according to reports in VentureBeat.

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Samsung Galaxy Note eight infiltrated as Apple’s arch-rival prepares to scupper the iPhone 8 launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

That’s according to new pictures that have been circulating on social media allegedly showing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Many of the rumours suggest Samsung will aim to launch the phone in the autumn in order to compete with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 .
Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid EmailSamsung is looking to revive its Note series of smartphones following last year’s explosive Note 7 failure .
Before the Galaxy Note 8 makes its way into customers’ hands you can be sure Samsung will have double and triple checked the batteries to save itself from another costly and embarrassing mistake.
“When batteries are charged and discharged, chemical processes cause the lithium to migrate and the battery will mechanically swell,” said Shedletsky.

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