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Revenue rose to 60 trillion won, compared with the 58.4 trillion won projected

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Revenue rose to 60 trillion won, compared with the 58.4 trillion won projected.
Preliminary operating income rose to 14 trillion won ($12 billion) in the three months ended June, beating the 13 trillion-won average of analysts’ estimates.
“Chip prices will keep rising and another record operating profit is in sight for Samsung in the third quarter.” Samsung won’t provide net income or break out divisional performance until it releases final results later this month.
But it will also lean heavily on its position as the world’s largest maker of memory chips to grow its bottom line.
“You can’t do AI without memory and Samsung has the memory to sell.”BLOOMBERG

Apple hands Samsung their most lucrative quarter now

The second quarter operating profit increased 71.99 percent on year.
The previous quarterly operating profit record was 10.1 trillion won set in the third quarter of 2013.
The soaring prices and increased demand of the DRAM and NAND memory chips are thought to have contributed to the higher-than-expected profits.
We reported in February that Apple took 92% of the smartphone industry’s profits, Apples seventh straight quarter of record profits.
The tech giant is estimated to have earned more than half of the 14 trillion won operating profit from the semiconductor business while its mobile, display panel, and consumer electronics businesses are forecast to have earned 4 trillion won, 1.5 trillion won and 800 billion won, respectively.
Apple hands Samsung

The supply of 3D NAND is not expected to improve until 2018.
The Digitimes report claims that SK Hynix and Toshiba have fallen short of production by as much as 30% due to poor yields of the 3D NAND chips.
Samsung’s 3D NAND output are deemed to be relatively stable as far as yield rates.
3D NAND stacks layers of memory cells on top of each other enabling much more information to be stored in the same physical space.
Apple is expected to launch the 2017 iPhones with a choice of two (NAND) storage sizes: 64 GB and 256 GB.
Apple suppliers

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