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MSFT pulls the plug on support for Windows cellPhone 8.1

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CNETRIP Windows cellPhone 8.1.
Windows Phone 8.1 was the fourth iteration of the mobile operating system and introduced the Cortana digital assistant to the phone.
Microsoft said Tuesday that it was ending support for Windows Phone 8.1, one of the more notable updates to its troubled mobile operating system.
The Windows 10 mobile update hasn’t fared much better, and there’s minimal support from device makers.
The writing has been on the wall for a while for Windows Phone, which hasn’t gotten a meaningful update or any new products in two years.

Windows Phone eight fades out as MSFT mulls mobile strategy

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore shows off features of Windows Phone 8 in 2012.
Microsoft is aggressively creating a mixed reality technology platform and HoloLens augmented reality gear, which Windows 10 is crafted to support.
“Microsoft is very active in mobility, just not active in phone devices.”
But Microsoft, which is now concentrating on business services, cloud computing, augmented reality, remains a part of the mobile landscape with applications, digital assistants and other offerings.
Windows personal computers “will love all your devices,” said Microsoft operating systems group corporate vice president Joe Belfiore.
Windows Phone 8

As it stated in That Microsoft ditched Windows Phone entirely in favor of Windows 10 Mobile says a lot.
Windows Phone 7 was launched in 2010 as Microsoft’s formal response to the iPhone and Android.
Case in point: Windows Phone 8.
It was a huge upgrade, but no Windows Phone 7 device could run it.
Windows Phone produced many fond memories, particularly stand-out devices like the Lumia 1020, but it largely represents a missed opportunity to adapt to an industry where phones, not PCs, are the center of the computing universe.


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