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Google Play Music Is then appropriate With Apple CarPlay

Considering Apple’s love for proprietary software, it’s pretty surprising that the largest tech company around would allow its music program’s rival, Google Play Music, onto its dashboard operating system.

Hopefully, this crossover means that Apple is considering porting other Google Play features over to CarPlay, including the admittedly superior navigation service Google Maps.
CarPlay already allows a variety of third party music applications including Spotify and Pandora, and of course Apple Music.
According to The Verge, Google Play Music officially works with CarPlay now, meaning you’ll have more options when it comes to listening on the go.
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow users to integrate their phones with their cars without the frustrations of Bluetooth.

UTube’s head of music confirms UTube Red and Google Play Music going to merge to create a latest service

YouTube’s head

according to YouTube’s head of music confirmed that the company is planning on merging its Google Play Music service with YouTube Red to create a new streaming offering.
“The important thing is combining YouTube Red and Google Play Music, and having one offering,” Cohen said when asked about why YouTube Red isn’t more popular with music users.
Then there’s YouTube Music, which anyone can use, but it gets better if you’re signed up for YouTube Red.
Paying for a subscription to either YouTube Red or Google Play Music gives you the other service for free.
There’s YouTube Red, which removes ads from videos and lets you save them offline, while also giving you access to Google Play Music for free.

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