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Stealthy Google Play applications recorded calls and rubber e-mails and texts

The techniques involved Google Play applications Protect, a tool that regularly scans previously installed apps and warns of any security concerns.

In that case, however, the Pegasus-related Android applications never made their way into Google Play.
Google researchers discovered the apps using techniques they developed during their investigation of the Pegasus-related apps.
Google’s disclosure came about 12 hours before researchers from antivirus provider Sophos documented two apps on Google Play that also steal text messages.
The Google researchers quickly spotted the new batch and removed those as well.

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could this really stop malicious applications in the Google Play store?

 Google Play store

Even better, Google Play Protect will not only safeguard you from malicious Google Play apps but it will also monitor and scan apps downloaded from third-party sources.
To further help protect users against malicious apps, Google is rolling out the Google Play Protect to Android devices running the Google Mobile Services 11 and later.
To check if Google Play Protect is on, navigate to Settings >> Google >> Security >> Google Play Protect (may also show up as Verify Apps in some phones) then make sure it’s toggled on.
Will this stop malicious apps in the Google Play Store?
Although the Google Play Store is still the safest source of Android apps, rogue apps still manage to slip through the cracks, eluding Google’s screening process.

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Google Play prevent this time widely obtainable, keeping your smartphone secure from bad applications

Google Play Protect now widely available, keeping your phone safe from bad apps

You can find Play Protect by going into your Google settings, then Security and Google Play Protect.
Google’s new (and now properly branded) security system, Google Play Protect, is now widely available and should at this point be active on any phone with the latest version of Google Play Services.
After a slow rollout with varied reports that Play Protect was available, as we look at our own devices here every one of them has it.
Google announced Play Protect back at Google I/O as a revamped and more consumer-friendly version of the old “verify apps” system, but with an identical goal: to protect you from harmful apps installed on your phone.
But the aim of Play Protect is to let the user know what’s going on with the scanning in a way that wasn’t really available before.

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