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Amazon pending selling of Blu phones because of privacy concerns

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Blu phones wasn’t immediately available to comment on the Amazon move.
The online retailing giant told CNET that it was suspending sales of phones from Blu, known for making ultra-cheap handsets, due to a “potential security issue.”

A company spokeswoman said at the time it “has several policies in place which take customer privacy and security seriously.”
Blu defended the software, created by a Chinese company called Shanghai Adups Technology, and denied any wrongdoing.
Blu was one of the key participants in Amazon’s “Prime Exclusive Phones” program, which offered steep discounts on phones to its members in exchange for ads on their lockscreen.

Amazon pending selling of Blu phones because of alleged spyware, BLU denies wrongdoing

The firm revealed that the original spyware, developed by Chinese company Adups Technology, is still present on BLU phones.
You might remember Kryptowire – it’s the group that found spyware on BLU phones last year.
But back in November, a security firm discovered spyware on some BLU phones sold in the United States, prompting Amazon to stop selling the affected devices until the issue was resolved.
It looks like only direct sales from Amazon have stopped, as the site still shows listings sold by third parties.
The retailer is ceasing sales of some BLU devices (there are still some available for purchase, at the time of writing) following an announcement from security firm Kryptowire at the recent Black Hat security conference.
BLU phones


Amazon pending selling of Blu phones for involving preloaded spyware, another time

according to Blu was suspended back in October after Kryptowire first discovered Adups’ spyware on the the Blu R1 HD, the best-selling phone on Amazon and the company’s most popular model.
However, this time around, Kryptowire discovered similar software, which was collecting device identification data and even location data from cell tower IDs, loaded onto slightly more expensive Blu phones.
This is not the first time Blu has gotten into trouble for skirting both US privacy regulations and Amazon’s marketplace rules.
That program promotes Amazon and third-party products and services via lockscreen advertisements in exchange for Prime member discounts on budget devices.
Blu, a Miami-based budget Android phone company, has been suspended from selling on Amazon after cybersecurity experts detailed how software preloaded onto its devices collects sensitive user data and sends it overseas, according to CNET.


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