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Apple’s iphone is banking on gimmicks and old tech to sell the iPhone 8 phone

But can AR, face unlocking, wireless charging, and an OLED display really going to get people to fraction with further than $1,000 for an iPhone?

One of the biggest drivers of iPhone development has been external redesigns (along with making the display bigger).
Visually moving to an OLED display isn’t going to as noticeable of a leap as moving to retina displays was, rather it’s just a display that’s somewhat better than what the iPhone endeed has.
Bottom line, an OLED display is an example of Apple playing catch-up.
The real action is going to be in relation to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

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Apple’s iPhone seven at Rs 42,999, Google Pixel XL at 48,999 and other deals

Apple iPhone 7

The all new Kindle is selling for Rs 5,000 (down from Rs 5,999); The Kindle Paperwhite has also got a Rs 2,000 discount, selling at Rs 8,999 (down from Rs 10,999).
Thanks to the Amazon sale, the phones have got a value correction, that have certainly promoted their value proposition.
The Google Pixel XL (128 GB) is up for grabs at a 28 percent discount at Rs 53,999 (down from Rs 76,000); the Google Pixel (128 GB) is selling for Rs 48,999 (down from Rs 66,000); the Google Pixel XL (32 GB) is obtainable for Rs 48,999 (down from Rs 67,000) and the Google Pixel (32 GB) can be purchased for Rs 41,999 (down from Rs 57,000).
With exchange offers the prices will vary based on the brand and model you are exchanging for the Pixel / Pixel XL.
The FitBit Charge two is selling for Rs 11,249 (down from Rs 14,999); the FitBit Blaze is selling for Rs 15,999 (down from 19,999); the FitBit Alta HR is selling for Rs 11,249 (down from Rs 14,999).

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iPhone 7

Apple reported the new iPhone seven series, the Watch Series two and much more.
Read: Apple’s iPhone seven arrives in India on October 7; check price, specsAlong with the new iPhone seven and seven Plus, the company also released the Apple Watch Series 2, the Watch OS 3, and advanced wireless Air Pods, that is supported by an advanced W1 chip.
Watch OS 3: The first main announcement of the evening was the all new Watch OS 3, that has been developed by the company to increase assistance to users, especially those who love to full tasks on-the go.
(Photo:AP)Read: Apple launches Watch Series two at $369Performance is also paramount on the new device.
Apple Pay: iPhone seven and seven Plus, Apple Watch Series two includes Felica, an NFC technology used in Japan.

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