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NASA agency’s Juno Spacecraft continues Flyby on Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

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An unmanned NASA shuttle is going to fly over a monstrous tempest seething on Jupiter, in a hotly anticipated an adventure that could reveal new insight into the powers driving the planet’s Great Red Spot.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot seen in latest images from Juno flyby

Jupiter's Great Red Spot

“We’ll also see the dynamics and the sheer beauty of the Great Red Spot for the first time,” he added.
The unprocessed JunoCam images of the Great Red Spot are being enhanced to bring out subtle details and other data.
Eleven-and-a-half minutes later, it made its first pass directly over the Great Red Spot at an altitude of about 5,600 miles and a velocity of some 130,000 mph.
As for how deep the Great Red Spot might extend, “nobody knows,” Bolton said.
Juno will make repeated passes over the Great Red Spot and “we’re so close, I think we’re going to blow their stuff away,” Bolton said of earlier missions.


NASA agency’s Juno spacecraft only  buzzed Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

NASA's Juno spacecraft

as informed in This close-up look at the Giant Red Spot should help clear up some of the mystery around the raging storm.
The Great Red Spot puts Earth storms to shame.
This is the closest Juno has been to the distinctive oval-shaped spot, which is twice as wide as Earth.
Enlarge Image NASA/JPL/Space Science InstituteNASA’s Juno mission just hit a high point with a buzzing flyby on Monday night of one of Jupiter’s most notable features: the Great Red Spot, a massive spinning storm that is a focus of fascination for scientists and space fans.
The spacecraft successfully phoned home after its close flyby, which took it to within about 5,600 miles (9,000 kilometers) of the storm’s clouds.


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