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Huawei discloses fresh shading alternative for Honor 9 phone

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Chinese smartphone industrialist Huawei has made official a new color option for its Honor nine smartphone.
Though the exact name isn’t yet known, reports saw its Google translated version is Blue Bird.
Recently, there were rumors that new Honor nine colors are in the pipeline – leaked renders revealed Yellow, Peach Pink (Red) and Orange options.
So, this newly-official color definitely comes as a surprise.
The Blue Bird Honor nine features the same specs as other models and also carries the same value tag.

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The Huawei Honor Note nine can pack a Kirin 670 chipset

 Honor Note 9

One of them is the Huawei Honor Note nine that we will reportedly welcome in September.
In the case of the Huawei Honor Note 9, surprisingly, things seem to stand a little bit differently.
Hopefully, it will be powerful sufficient to turn the Huawei Honor Note nine into an appealing handset.
The Huawei Honor Note nine will reportedly feature a huge, 6.6-inch display.
Naturally, the Huawei Honor Note nine will sport a dual rear cam setup.

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Huawei Honor Note 9

The Huawei Honor nine is shaping up to be quite the heavyweight for a budget flagship, at least based on the first wave of information to come to light about the device.
A report out of China appeals that the next-generation Huawei Honor Note will be house to a massive 4,600 mAh battery, that is way bigger than the Honor 9’s 3,200 mAh, however only a tad larger than that of final year’s Honor Note 8.
The Huawei Honor Note nine is joining the trend with a “full-screen display” although the image provided by the source doesn’t review the front panel covered completely.
The Huawei Honor Note 9, like the original model, will apparently come with a dual cam setup on the rear consisting of two twelve MP sensors.
With regard to the release date, users can expect to hear official details about the Huawei Honor Note nine this month.

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