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Programming used to screen media pictures for gloom signs

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Researchers attempted to see if computer-driven image recognition can diagnose depression based on the form and content of people’s posts on Instagram, a media picture sharing site.
The researchers propose media can become a useful screening tool.
The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) questionnaire was used as a screening tool for depression.
ConclusionThis research proposes that a pc algorithm can be used to help screen for depression further accurately than GPs – using Instagram images.
Though the results of this research are interesting, it’s unclear what advantages or dangers probably attached to any future use of screening tools for depression using Instagram or other social media

Programming used to screen media pictures for gloom signs

Another week, another media study.

But this particular one looks at the usefulness of media activity as a diagnostic tool within psychology: a pc program developed by researchers in Harvard and the University of Vermont has been found to be seventy per cent accurate in detecting signs of depression by analysing images posted on Instagram.
The research recruited 166 Instagram users (71 of that were diagnosed with clinical depression) and analysed 43,950 photos in total.
The program linked certain picture details to healthy or depressed individuals and, using machine learning, built a predictive model for assessing people prior to a clinical diagnosis.
Dr Christopher Danforth, research co-author from the University of Vermont, said that photos posted by people diagnosed with depression “tended to be darker in colour, received further comments from the community, were further likely to contain faces and less likely to have a filter applied”.
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PC program created to spot indications of misery from media pictures

A pc program has been developed that is capable of correctly identify depressed individuals from their media photos 70% of the time, according to a research involving 166 users of a popular media app.
The researchers used the pc program to analyse 43,950 photos, following recruitment of 166 users of a popular media app, including 71 people that had a clinical diagnosis of depression.
Furthermore, a total of 509 entrants were initially recruited, however 43% were dropped from the research because they did not consent to sharing their media data.
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