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Samsung Internet program this time opened up to practically any Android smartphone

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By HTMLGoodies StaffWeb developers who haven’t been optimizing their sites for Samsung Internet, the smartphone maker’s mobile browser, may need to reconsider.
In the past, the browser was obtainable only to those with Samsung devices.
Now, the Korean company has made the browser obtainable for free to all Android users with Android L or later.
Samsung Internet has several features that make it attractive to users.
They involve bottom controls, full-screen viewing, reader mode, high-contrast mode, syncing with desktop Chrome and backing for content blockers.

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Samsung Internet Beta v6.2 to be Made obtainable for Droid 5.0+

Samsung net Beta v6.2 to be Made obtainable for Android 5.0+Samsung net is a web browser that ships as the default browser on Samsung’s smartphones and tablets.
It’s based on Google’s open source Chromium web browser, and has a number of additional features built into it.
If you remain back, Samsung started to allow non-Samsung devices to install the Samsung net web browser when they released version five of the beta.
Granted, even non-Nexus and non-Pixel owners can sideload the APK for this version of Samsung internet.
The company has reported that the upcoming 6.2 beta release for Samsung net will be obtainable via the Play Store to any device that is running Android 5.0 or higher.
Samsung Internet Beta v6.2

What has quietly gone under the radar is Samsung Internet, Samsung’s mobile browser that can this time be used across almost any Android device.
The announcement comes as a welcome treat, since Samsung Internet was exclusive to Samsung phones and tablets.
Even though the browser has over hundred million downloads, the likes of Chrome, Opera, and Firefox dominate the mobile browser landscape.
Samsung got serious about content blocking when it gave Samsung Internet ad block support, and the company has only doubled down in that ambit ever since.
Just make sure your Android device is relatively modern – Samsung Internet won’t work on anything older than Android 5.0 Lollipop.
Samsung Internet browser


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