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take a photograph of the total solar occultation with a phone

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Millions of people are Guessed to flock to cities across the United States on Aug. 21 to witness the total solar occultation

In addition to having ISO-certified eclipse glasses to protect your eyes, be sure to have an extra pair to cover your smartphone or digital cam lens.
“Using optical filters to photograph the eclipse when you aren’t on the path of totality is inherently risky because you are looking at the blindingly bright solar surface,” NASA said in its  proof to photographing the Aug. 21 eclipse.
Invest in a tripod and a telephoto lensNASA said a telephoto lens system, that acts like a magnifying glass, is “absolutely a must-have” for photographing an eclipse with a smartphone.
DaSilva said Aug. 21 will be his first time witnessing a total eclipse.

take a photograph of the total solar occultation with a smartphone


A solar eclipse can make for a stunning photograph and at this year’s great eclipse, between the hundreds of professional photographers vying for the better shots, there will be thousands of onlookers trying to get a picture with their smartphone.
The Great American Eclipse will take place on Monday August 21, however there will be people all over the world trying to take the perfect picture of the solar event.
How to photograph the solar eclipseGetting a great bullet of a solar eclipse is something specialized photographers can take years to master, travelling the world to safe the better images.
Top photographers will use powerful cameras fitted to telescopes to get the better shots, attaching sun filters so as not to ruin their cam (or their eyes) when preparing the shot.
But if, like many people, you plan to grab a picture of the eclipse using your smartphone there are some simple ways to improve the results.
 solar eclipse

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To shoot, or not to shoot, the occultation with your phone

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