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PlayStation gaming system media accounts were hacked

A hacking group gained access to multiple Twitter accounts of the PlayStation gaming system.

The anonymous hacking group, OurMine, posted on PlayStation Brasil’s account on Sunday that the “Playstation Network DB leaked.” The group also tried to get the hashtag phrase #PlaystationLeaks trending.
AdvertisementThe tweets also involved the main PlayStation Twitter account and were quickly deleted.
The group has been known for its hacks while it also appeals to provide commercial services, such as testing media accounts for vulnerabilities.
The hacking group previously took over several of HBO’s Twitter accounts, involving ones for “Game of Thrones” and John Oliver’s show.

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PlayStation media accounts across the globe were compromised

PlayStation social media

Internal DB allegedly leaked  PlayStation media accounts across the globe were compromised this day in concurrence with an alleged DB leak.
The guilty party asks (with questionable grammar) for a PlayStation representative to contact them.
A leak of information related to PlayStation Network and Qriocity services information led to 23 days of outage back in 2011.
In this case, the media posts appeal that the databases “aren’t going to be shared.”
While no breach of customer information has been confirmed yet, and as of when of writing PlayStation Network is still up, caution is advised.

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Taylor Swift has disappeared from the net — sort of.
Swift’s Twitter feed only shows posts from 2010 and earlier, while she has unfollowed everyone on Instagram and deleted all of her posts there.
Her Facebook account only shows posts from 2015 and earlier, while her Tumblr has become completely blank … like her song, “Blank Space.”
Apparently, Taylor Swift’s GMA appearance date has been changed to 31st August.
😉 #TSIsComing https://t.co/dYg9sV6IXp — Taylor Swift Updates (@SimplySFans) August 18, 2017Obviously, Swift hasn’t commented on social media.

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