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VIZIO net Applications Plus Smart television Platform Adds Google Play Movies

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The company’s D-Series Smart TV platform this time includes the Google Play app.
VIZIO has reported the launch of Google Play Movies & TV on its lineup of VIZIO Internet applications Plus Smart TVs in the US and Canada, involving the D-Series Full-Array LED displays.
The VIZIO Internet applications Plus platform uses the TV’s built-in Wi-Fi, and also offers access to other popular applications like Netflix, YouTube, and more.
“We’re excited to announce that Google Play Movies & TV is this time obtainable through the VIZIO Internet applications Plus smart TV platform.
The 2017 VIZIO D-Series with the VIZIO Internet applications Plus smart TV platform is this time obtainable for purchase through VIZIO.com, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, and Best Buy.

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Applications infective With SonicSpy Spyware Removed From Google Play store

 SonicSpy Spyware

Three messaging applications in the Google Play store contained spyware called SonicSpy.
Lookout researchers identified three messaging apps—Soniac Messenger, Hulk Messenger and Troy Chat—that each contained SonicSpy and had been obtainable on Google Play.
The additional 1,000 apps, researchers said, were customized versions of popular apps, such as Pokémon Go, Netflix and Clash Royale, that had been injected with SonicSpy spyware.
On July 7, researchers notified Google of the spyware in Soniac Messenger and it was booted from the Google Play store the same day.
“They may have worked hard to get the messaging applications hosted on Google Play in order to beat the confidence of their target,” Flossman said.

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23 Free Premium Apps

Users have some free time to fidget and experiment with these premium applications that are free for a limited time.
Also this week we have a rather big list of 31 on-sale premium games.
So, to sum it, today’s bundle has 23 free premium apps, 48 on-sale applications and then a couple of applications more.
Telltale Games is a developer that has created some great games like Minecraft: Story Mode, Batman, and Game of Thrones.
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