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Teenagers favoring Snap and Instagram apps more Facebook, tells eMarketer

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Teenagers favoring Snap and Instagram apps more Facebook, tells eMarketer Meanwhile, development in users under the age of twelve and between 18 and 24 will slow 3.1% and 14.5%, respectively, for the year.
The predicted decline (or slower growth) between younger age groups is a crisis for Facebook as it tries to retain younger users to remain an attractive destination for advertisers.
But Facebook’s struggles with younger users are gains for its subsidiary, the photo-centric service Instagram, as well as for media rival Snapchat.
EMarketer has better news for Facebook-owned Instagram, that is Guessed to post development in monthly U.S. users of 23.8% this year.
Monthly Instagram users under twelve years old are Guessed to increase 19%, with the 12-to-17 group growing 8.8%.

Teenagers favoring Snap and Instagram moe FB, tells eMarketer

as informed in Facebook is losing appeal between teens and young adults that is contributing to generally slowing development for the platform, according to the latest projections from research company eMarketer.
At the same time alternative social applications Snapchat and (Facebook-owned) Instagram are seeing hight and double-digit development in the same guys demographic — suggesting younger users are favoring newer and further visual communications platforms.
It’s the second consecutive year of Guessed usage declines for Facebook between this advertiser-coveted group, according to the researcher.
eMarketer proposes some tweens are even skipping adopting Facebook entirely (it calls them “Facebook nevers”) and going straight to the rival platforms, even as remaining tweens and teens appear less engaged on Facebook — logging in less frequently and spending less time on the platform.
At when of writing Facebook had not replied to a request for comment.
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as informed in

The way to see the solar occultation on FB, Snap and Twitter

 solar eclipse

A rare solar eclipse will cast a huge shadow across the U.S. on Monday, temporarily plunging wide swaths of America into darkness as the moon blocks out the sun.
A total solar eclipse hasn’t occurred in the lower 48 states since 1979, according to the Washington Post.
As a result, a lot of Americans are traveling to watch the eclipse and buying things like eclipse glasses.
A bunch of other native and national new organizations plan to stream the eclipse live on Facebook, involving CNN and NBC News.
Experience the total solar eclipse live on Twitter on Aug. 21 from 12pm – 4pm ET.


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