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Easy ways to find that model of Android smartphone you have

With all this choice can come some confusion though, so if you’re unsure that Android phone you have we’ll review you a couple of simple ways to find out.
Check the back of the handsetWhile it’s certainly less popular these days, you can sometimes find the model name of an Android phone printed on the back of the unit itself.
Of course, if you still have the box that came with the phone you’ll find the name emblazoned on the side, that would put an finish to your quest.
Below Device Name ought be a department called Model number.
Enter the model number and you ought see various results appear, all of that will reveal the true identity of your handset.

Easy ways to find that model of Android phone you have

 Android phone

I understand people’s phone choices tell something about their personalities, so what does the luxury Lamborghini phone tell about the person who uses it?
I can’t say, nor can I even guess, because I doubt I’ll ever see someone with Lamborghini’s new Alpha – One smartphone.
The Android device, that the company debuted this day features “Italian handmade black leather” with a custom Italian leather accompanying phone case.
In the UK, it’ll be purveyed exclusively at Harrod’s while in the UAE, it’ll be purveyed at multiple retailers, involving at Levant luxury boutique in the Dubai Mall.
So yes, you’ll Must invest a lot of money into your Lamborghini lifestyle, however leather isn’t cheap and you’ve got a sporty look to maintain.

collected by :Maya Tony


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