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Your Droid smartphone could Record Your Voice Without Asking

OPOLJA/ShutterstockChances are, you’ve may be used Google helper if you have an Droid phone—basically the same as iPhones’ Siri—to determine an alarm or ask what the weather is.
You could access voice control with holding drop the phone button or telling “OK Google.” however it turns out hackers spying on you out of your laptop cam and a phone virus shouldn’t be your only tech fears.
Google helper may be recording your voice, even the time you don’t ask.
“For each voice query made to Voice Search, we store the language, the country, the utterance and our system’s speculation of what was said,” Google states in its policy for Voice Search, that helper uses.
On the highest left, click “Delete activity by.” Under the “Delete with date” option, select “All time” to erase everything.

Your Droid smartphone could Record Your Voice Without Asking

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