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‘The Walking Dead’ vidimus game can be the following pokémon Go game

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BTWIf 2016 had you chasing Squirtles out of your office bathroom, there’s about to be a fresh Augmented fact game in your life.
It’s called The Walking Dead: Our World, and Apple reported which it’s slated to release for Apple iOS and Droid “soon.”Like pokémon game Go before it, the Walking Dead game going to fill your day-to-day surroundings with surprise elements from the characters’ universe.
Instead, we see players Battling off the undead with real weapons in places such as the grocery store, the park, and your meemaw’s retirement community.
There are too reportedly “virtual versions” of some of the common Walking Dead characters, such as Rick, Daryl, and Michonne, who going to come to help you in battle.
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(Photo: Getty Images, Ollie Millington)Watching someone play pokémon game Go is a bit silly, since it truly just looks such as walking around while focusing on your smartphone extremely intently, however things would may be get exponentially sillier if the game included any interaction beyond tapping and swiping.
As silly as pokémon game Go can be, then, a fresh Walking Dead mobile game looks such as it can be extremely confusing to play in public.
Called Walking Dead: Our World, the game is based on the AMC television review and this Variety story makes it sound a lot such as a zombie-filled take on Nintendo and Niantic’s chock augmented-reality game.
The story tells which it’s a “location-based augmented-reality mobile game which going to review you hordes of the undead right in forehead of your eyes on your smartphone,” and the trailer shows people in normal real-life scenarios running from zombies and leaping over tables to grab weapons while people from the television review materialize to join in.
You can see it for yourself below:The best-case scenario, at least in terms of not looking such as a weirdo, is which the game incloudes you looking at zombies on your smartphone while tapping or swiping on the monitor to kill them, however which would be a lot less exciting than this trailer makes it seem.
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The Walking Dead is getting a pokémon game Go-style Augmented fact game

The following Walking Dead game is bringing walkers into the real world.
Called The Walking Dead: Our World, the upcoming mobile launch going to be a location-based Augmented fact experience, similar to pokémon game Go — only a lot further gruesome.
The Walking Dead: Our World is being developed with Finnish studio following Games, the same team behind mobile strategy game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, that the developer tells has been downloaded further than 16 mn times.
Apple too showed the game off this day as fraction of its fresh slate of Augmented fact applications and games.
Our World looks to be the premier main property to follow in pokémon game Go’s footsteps.
Pokémon Go-style AR game

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