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the most 7 strange and weird free apps for iphone

Iphone has some strange apps beside the known apps which we all have on our mobile phone whatever what type is it such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Massenger and Twitter. lets have a tour about the most 7 strange and weired free apps for Iphone.

the most 7 strange free apps for iphone

Places I’ve Pooped

Rank History shows how popular Places I’ve Pooped ­- Pin and Track in Map is in the iOS app store, and how that’s changed over time. You can track the performance of Places I’ve Pooped ­- Pin and Track in Map every hour of every day across different countries, categories and devices.

Email’n Walk

email'n walk
Email’n walk app

Email ‘n Walk has an option amazing. Using your iPhone’s camera, it displays a live view of the ground in front of you above a virtual keyboard. Now, you can walk and send e-mails at the same time, while reducing the risk of stepping into traffic or falling flat on your face.

As you walk and type, the text of your message appears in semi-opaque letters over the live video feed. When your message is done, click “send” and Email ‘n Walk transfers the message to the iPhone e-mail app. Just choose the recipients and fire it off.


cuddlr app

If you’re interested in cuddling with a stranger,this app is for you. Think Tinder, but don’t expect date someone or something more.

Cuddlr shows the names, pictures, and number of upvotes and downvotes — users rate each other after they cuddle — of users within walking distance of you. you can tap on a photo this sends a cuddle request, and the recipient then has 15 minutes to accept or declin. If they accept, you can send them a message, and you’re able to track each of your locations on a map.

you must have a Facebook account to register. Cuddlr doesn’t reveal gender or age, so filtering is only by appearance.

Carrr Matey

carrr matey
carrr matey app

Ever been in the multistorey and can’t find your car? This app will help you find it  by saving your location and guiding you back with a map and directions – as well as keeping track of all the all-important parking meter. Oh, and it is pirate themed, too.

Run Pee

runpee app

RunPee is an iPhone app built with the main purpose to inform people about the best times to run and pee during a movie without missing anything. It tells you if there is anything extra after the end credits. It has a built in Timer to vibrate before each peetime. In case you’re late it provides a summary of the first 3 minutes. Built in access to ratings at RottenTomatoes.com and movie info from IMDb.com.


isteam app

This app makes your photos all steamy – literally. With it you  just select a photo from your gallery  and blow into the microphone to create steamy photo effects.

You can also tilt, shake, and rub the screen for realistic looking water droplets. Although you can’t save your creations, you can send them to friends (or yourself) by email. The app may not help you tackle any of those lofty resolutions you set, but it is free and certainly an alternative use of the iPhone’s capabilities.

Find My Friends

find your friends
find your friends app

There’s an iPhone app that many Apple users have never fired up. It’s called Find My Friends and it means you can know where your friends are.

Your friends must opt in on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And obviously you have to give your consent before anyone can see where you are. It’s not meant for spying on people.

You can stop sharing your location easily and your friends just see a message saying your location is not available, which all adds to the general atmosphere of mystery you’re trying to convey.



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