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Fake Russian FB Accounts purchased 100,000 dollar in Political Ads

referring to But Mr. donald trump regularly offered outspoken comments on those issues during the campaign, denouncing “political correctness” and rallying his supporters on the right.
Mr. donald trump has often dismissed the Russian hacking story as “fake news” and bristled at any implication that Mr. Putin had helped him win.
The suspicion that Russia had a hand in placing FB advertesment was premier mentioned in a Time magazine article in May, however Wednesday’s announcement was the company’s premier acknowledgment of the problem.
But the fresh measures don’t directly affect FB ads.
Facebook told that some of the advertesment link to Russian accounts had targeted particular geographic areas, that may increase questions about whether anyone had helped direct such targeting.


Facebook tells it disclosed Russian advertisement discounds from the 2016 election


A donald trump campaign aide tried to arrange a meeting with Putin.
Here’s what you want to know.

Facebook releation further Than 5,000 Political advertesment to Bogus Russian Accounts

Facebook Ties More Than 5,000

Facebook tells it had given the data to authorities investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Speculation has swirled about the role FB played spreading fake break news during the 2016 election.
“We want data from the companies, as well as we want to look into the activities of some of the donald trump digital campaign activities,” Warner told recently.
One search for advertesment bought from US net addresses determine to the Russian language turned up $50,000 worth of spending on 2,200 ads.
Facebook told about one-quarter of the suspicious advertesment were geographically targeted, with further of those running in 2015 than 2016.

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