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Facebook Acknowledges Russian advertisement In 2016 Election. going to Investigations Follow?

according to Facebook Acknowledges Russian advertesment In 2016 Election.
Mueller is investigating whether there was any collusion among the Russian Gov and the donald trump campaign during the 2016 election.
The popular Cause complaint takes target at the small percentage which mentioned the election and named the candidates.
But the “vast majority” of the FB advertesment seemed to be intended to amplify “divisive social and political messages across the ideological spectrum” without referring to candidates or the election, Stamos reported.
In 1984, the Fed Election Commission ruled which election law only covers advertesment which mention a candidate, political party or Fed election or have an “election-connected or election-influencing purpose.”

Fake Russian Accounts purchased $100,000 in FB Ads–to Make Americans Hate Each Other

Facebook reported this day which its internal probe uncovered fake Russian accounts purchased at least $100,000 of political advertesment during the 2016 election season.
Our analysis proposes these accounts and Pages were affiliated with 1 another and likely operated out of Russia.
The firm then went on to initiate a broader search for political advertesment coming from accounts which may be associated with Russia, for example accounts with unite states IP addresses however with the language determine to Russian.
Facebook found another $50,000 worth of political advertising coming from accounts such as these.
In a survey earlier this year, 62 % of respondents reported getting break news from social media, with FB getting generality of which break news consumption.
Fake Russian Accounts


What Russian trolls can have purchased for $100,000 on Facebook

But the Russian troll farm that purchased $100,000 worth of FB advertesment can have reached millions of American voters Utilizing the media company’s sophisticated software, that allows ad-buyers to aim FB users based on anything from their age to their hobbies and political interests.
Facebook said congressional Researchers on Wednesday that it purveyed approximately $100,000 in advertesment to a so-called Russian troll farm that was looking to aim American voters.
The real price of FB advertesment is the way the platform allows buyers to aim their audience based on thousands of characteristics.
The number of users FB tell match a certain criteria ought be viewed with some skepticism.
“When I saw they spent $100,000 on FB with 3,000 advertisement variants, I thought this was likely a testing budget for a larger advertisement campaign.


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